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John is an experienced and dedicated criminal defense practitioner, having begun his legal career over 20 years ago as a court-assigned defender, predecessor of the current Public Defender’s office in Fairfax.  He moved to an associate position in a prominent Fairfax law firm, and has continued to represent clients in a wide variety of criminal matters, felony and misdemeanor, in the state and federal courts.  Our office will respond to inquiries quickly and effectively, with empathy and understanding.  We realize that friends and family are always concerned about their loved ones who have been charged with criminal offenses, and will take the time to explain in detail the workings of the criminal justice system as it affects each particular case.  If a bond is required to obtain release, we can often obtain an expedited court hearing (usually next day) to modify or eliminate it, so that the accused remains free pending trial.  All persons accused of any offense are presumed innocent, and we investigate each case thoroughly with an eye to defeating or reducing charges.  Our goal is to work closely with our clients to assist them in understanding all aspects of their case.   

     Over the years John has defended dozens of serious felony cases, including cases with potential life sentences if convicted.  One such case was the subject of a CBS News “48 Hours” report, in which John had considerable input, with his client’s full consent and cooperation.   John has been involved in several cases with press and television attention.   Our job is to protect our clients, including making appropriate comment or non-comment to media.  Should you be involved in a matter that may generate media attention, it is very important to consult experienced legal counsel immediately.  We have had extensive experience in defending “white collar” cases, involving embezzlements, identity theft, and fraud, as well as matters relating to drugs.   

     Most cases involve matters that are classified as misdemeanors.  These include simple assaults, petit larceny, marijuana possession, and a wide variety of regulatory offenses, such as contractor licensing, health and noise violations, and others.  Even though most will not result in a jail sentence, a conviction for even a minor offense can result in a criminal record.  Many times a conviction can be avoided through the use of alternative dispositions such as community service and counseling programs.  We are careful to review each case thoroughly and endeavor to assist our clients in avoiding a criminal record if at all possible.   

     We also represent juvenile offenders.  It is strongly suggested that even where the offense is seemingly minor, that you at least consult with an attorney experienced in juvenile representation should your child be charged with an offense.  Dispositions in the juvenile courts vary widely.  We can assist you and your child in a candid and caring way, and provide guidance in those difficult times.  If necessary, we can make referrals for a wide variety of professional counselors to assist you and your child.  Many cases also involve the school system, because if the incident occurs at school or involves the school in some way.  These issues must be addressed very carefully, as the case may involve sanctions from the school system as well as the court.  Should you have questions in this regard, please let us know.

        There are also many cases where a client may wish to expunge an arrest record, be restored to driving privileges, or be restored to rights taken away by previous convictions.  We strive to assist our clients in these areas, and will be glad to answer questions regarding specific situations.

      We maintain a no-charge consultation policy for criminal matters.  Most cases can be handled on a flat-fee basis and are explained completely and put in writing for our clients.

      When you or a loved one is suddenly arrested or confronted with a criminal charge, it is confusing and even terrifying for many.  We are here to help.

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